Global Politics – Andrew Heywood

This is a textbook that introduces all the key theorists and approaches to foreign policy analysis. It’s not exactly one for the beach, but there’s something interesting on every page.



lead up to brexiting¬†– these are the slides from last week’s class on Brexit.

I haven’t really found a great book on Brexit and foreign policy, no doubt because it’s all too new and uncertain, but this one written by David Owen along with a former diplomat does explore some interesting alternatives.

If you want an account of the campaign, then Tim Shipman’s All Out War gives an insider’s narrative of both sides. But the level of cynicism on both sides is pretty depressing – an example of why they say the political process, like making sausages, is not always something you want to see up close.

The Cold War series

Ted Turner – whatever happened to him? – produced this compelling documentary series on the Cold War not long after it had finished. (the link is to a page on YouTube listing them all, just click to watch).

It’s not always as balanced as it aims to be, but it uses footage very effectively and the interviewees include presidents and prime ministers.

Try episode 23, The Wall Comes Down – parts of it always make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Very momentous, very human.

Thatcher and the Falklands

Here’s that documentary about the Falklands which they made a few years after the conflict.

There’s plenty to choose from if you’re looking for a book about Thatcher. Charles Moore, who was the most reliable friend of Thatcher on Fleet Street and edited the Telegraph, has written the official biography. Volume One finishes with the Falklands.

But this book is specifically about Thatcher’s foreign policy, written by a key adviser, and for my money a better read.

Blair and humanitarian intervention

There’s a few articles which examine whether states should invade other states for humanitarian reasons. This one by David Bosco compared Obama’s response to the Arab Spring to the BUsh White House.

John Kampfner’s book on Blair’s Wars¬†came out shortly after things began to go very seriously wrong with the 2003 invasion of Iraq. This gives it an interesting perspective, and Kampfner sets out the successes and achievements that, as Blair himself says, often get forgotten when assessing his premiership.

These are the slides we used in the class: lib interventionism